How to Move a Small Business Out of the House
As your small, home-based business begins to expand, chances are you are going to out-grow your home office at some point. Since moving a small business out of the house requires a substantial investment that will be a big draw on your cash flow, you need to approach the process with careful consideration as well… (0 comment)

Is Innovation Holding Us Back?
The drive for innovation in business is getting out of hand. Innovation has gone beyond the status of a mere buzzword, so much so that even the term taken out of context still manages to sound electric, dynamic, and sexy. Today, innovation is being actively embraced as a business mantra, and management gurus will tell… (2 comments)

The Complete Guide to Hiring a Freelancer
As your small business grows and develops, chances are at some point you will consider hiring a freelancer. After all, turning to a freelance worker or a virtual assistant to get the job done, seems like a great deal. It’s certainly cheaper than hiring a permanent worker, and you don’t need to make any big… (4 comments)