63 Sites That Pay You to Write [FREE Download]

Having worked as a freelance writer for many years now, I’ve been slowly building a list of sites that pay you to write content or create tutorials.

63 Sites that pay you to writeEven if you are not a freelance writer per se, but you know how to write well, you may be surprised by all the paid opportunities that are out there. This is especially true if you know a thing or two about graphic design or web development. Good content is at a premium these days, and many sites are more than willing to pay for it from competent freelancers.

I thought that this list may be useful for writers and bloggers looking to gain both exposure and income, so I’m including it here on Growing Your Biz  as a free download (subscription not required).  The document is in Excel. The sites are organized into categories, and it includes both payment and contact information.

To get my list of 63 sites that pay you write, just press the download button, and it’s all yours.

63 Sites That Pay You to Wite (25.5 KiB)

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