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20 Creative Packaging Design Ideas for Your Small Business

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If your small business is offering a physical product, then you want to be paying particular attention to your packaging design. In our visually over-stimulated world, packaging design matters now more than ever. The box or wrapper that your product comes in is the first thing your customers get to see, and it may largely determine the fate of your product. A creative package design can lead to better market reach and ultimately increase sales. So, don’t be so quick to underestimate the impact of how your products are stored, wrapped, and decorated.

That said… if you are a cash-strapped, creatively-challenged small business owner, there’s still hope. The truth is you don’t have to re-invent the wheel with your packaging design, and you don’t have to break the bank, either. Aside from being visually appealing and creative, your package design can just be extremely practical, re-usable, or good for the environment.


5 Tried and True Packaging Design Tips

So, what can you do with your product’s package design that will set you apart from everyone else? Here are a few ideas.

1. Think outside of the box. While there may be some conventions when it comes to package design for specific types of products, if you want to leave an impression, you can make little tweaks that break with the tradition. For example, who says shoe boxes have to be rectangular or plain on the outside? Why not make them triangular or square-shaped or cover them with an eye-catching picture.

2. Tell your story. Every business and product has a story behind it, and these days telling that story can be a big part of your branding and marketing strategy. While you may not be describing this story in writing on your packaging, you can do it indirectly with images, symbols, and textures.

3. Holiday themes. In the fall, when you say ‘holiday’, chances are you mean Halloween, or possibly the upcoming Thanksgiving. Can you use that to your advantage? Of course you can! Why not design a holiday-specific package for a limited number of your products? Not only will the exclusivity boost interest, the special design is sure to catch the eye of design fans. The best part is that each of the major holidays has a unique and well-defined iconography associated with it.

4. Reusable packaging. Can you make your packaging design useful after the product has been taken out of it? For instance, a tea box with just an extra hinge can be turned into a spice rack. Or, you can include seeds in the box, so that your customers can use it as a trendy planter.

5. The package is a part of the product. Finally, you can make your packaging a part of the product or a useful addition to it. That way, not only will customers be using your product, but they will also be using the package as well. This is sure to stand out, which means it’s a marketing opportunity at the same time. Some examples of this in action include: a pasta box that helps you measure how much to cook per meal, pet food in a box the serves as a dispenser, and a bottle label that turns into a spigot for easier pouring.


20 Examples of Creative Product Packaging

To see for yourself what is possible with a little thought and ingenuity, here are 20 creative packaging ideas that are fairly simple to produce. All of these examples illustrate one or more of the five points mentioned above. You can use these packaging design ideas as inspiration for your own brand.

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Chances are your customers will appreciate an attractive and/or useful packaging design, and at the very least, it will be a conversation piece that will help to drive brand awareness and ultimately help your bottom line.

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  • Hi Susan. Great post there and suggestions. I am often inspired by writers who adds value to entrepreneurs.

    I am curious. I have found this page and realized that packaging contributes to branding as well. But what does more to branding, the design of the packaging, or the design of the label printing?

    This is the page.

    What do you think? Looking to bounce some ideas here.



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