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Online learning has grown in popularity over the last ten years or so. What that means for you as a small business owner is that you can expand your and your employees’ skill set and knowledge at a fraction of the cost and at a comfortable, schedule-friendly pace. Many of the listings below are either free or offer extensive business and/ or technology training at very reasonable prices. Several even offer certification and college credits.

Business Startup and Growth

My Own Business My Own Business offers an extensive 16-part free online course on starting and growing a small business.

Business Finance, and Accounting

Bean Counting 101 A free accounting course for non-accountants.

Accounting Coach Access several lessons on accounting for non-accountants, including quizzes to test your knowledge afterward.

Simple Studies Online Accounting Lessons Free online accounting lessons and tutorials for beginners.

Financial Management Training Center This site offers a series of short courses, with an accompanying exam as well as several informative articles in various financial management topics.

IRS Small Business Video and Audio Workshops Over the past few years the IRS has made an effort to educate the public about the complex and confusing abyss known as the US Tax Code. These video presentations and audio classes are designed to educate small business owners in particular about their tax rights and obligations.

Personal Finance and Investment

Money 101 CNN’s Money 101 course offers instruction on finance and money management basics such as budgeting, investing, tax planning, and insurance.

Investing for Your Future This course from Cooperative Extension offers learners a step-by-step guide to investing.

Investopedia University This site offers several online finance classes and tutorials covering the basics of investing, trading, retirement planning, and economics.

Free MBA Courses

Free Management Library eMBA Courses This free management and development program is available for for-profit businesses and nonprofits. Get an MBA education without going to college.

London School of Business and Finance Global MBA This innovative program offered by the London School of Business has the ambitious goal of providing “…a first-class MBA experience that allows students all over the world to study in their own time and at their own pace.” The entire accredited MBA course is available online for free. Learners can sign in via Facebook. Those who want certification can pay retroactively at the end.

General Business Management

Small Business Association (SBA) The SBA provides a helpful assortment of articles, tools, and programs to help the small business owner start and run a successful business. You should also check out their free online courses.

Aboutcom Small Business. Numerous articles providing helpful tips, resources, and information on starting, running, growing, buying and selling a small business. Also check out AboutU, which offers a several free online business courses.

SmallBizU This site offers several great classes on money, management, and marketing.

MIT Sloan School of Management Take advantage of free online courses in various business-related topics.

University of California Irvine There are several business-related courses offered that are broken down into lessons and are open to guests. You can search for available courses (see the bottom of the page) on topics that include an intro to project management and the basics of business analysis.

Kutztown University Online Learning Programs Choose from a variety of free online courses in several topics ranging from accounting, business management, legal issues, and international business. There are also courses offered in Spanish.

State of Maine Small Business Development Center Participate in several free online workshops created specifically for current and new small business owners and entrepreneurs. There are quizzes at the end, and there is even an option to receive a certificate of completion.

SCORE Online Workshops The non-profit organization, SCORE offers several free workshops and webinars on its site on topics such as, business planning, business management, and legal considerations.

American Management Association This site offers several hundred articles and white papers on various topics in business management.

Free Management Library This site hosts a vast storehouse of online articles and resources 15 years in the making. At the time of writing resources span 650 topics and approximately 10,000 links.

Businessballs A compilation of learning materials covering various topics from business management to self-development.

Business Change Management Library This site offers free online tutorials, assessment tools, webinars, and interviews on the process of change management.

Business Spanish Hundreds of written and audio lessons on how to speak and write conversational Spanish in the business environment..

Business Marketing

Principles of Modern Marketing This site provides a free series of lessons in business marketing based on the book Marketing: The Core, 1/e; authored by Kerin, Hartley, Berkowitz, and Rudelius

Free Marketing Interviews An impressive collection of marketing strategy audio interviews from various marketing experts.

Marketing Resources HubSpot This site offers a collection of webinars, tools, and other resources on Internet marketing, SEO, blogging, social media and more.

ShoeMoney Xtreme Internet Marketing Course A free 12 week guide to Internet marketing delivered via email.

Economics Economics USA This site delves into the fundamentals of economic theory on both macro and micro levels, as well as US economic policy. There are 14 hours of video instruction broken down into 28 sections in addition to audio recordings.

Intro Economics Open Learning Initiative An open courseware class on basic economic concepts.

Technology and Online Commerce Though this site is for pay, their prices are very reasonable, and the quality of their course offering is very high. They’ve got a business skills category as well that is worth checking out.

HP Learning Center HP’s online learning center provides several business courses mostly focused on using technology in business.

Managing the Digital Enterprise Michael Rappa, the founder of the Institute for Advanced Analytics, designed this course to address many of the issues facing companies operating in the digital age. The course is broken down into 15 modules with topics such as, Web Analytics, Digital Markets, Trust in Cyberspace, and Data Privacy.

Business Training Various Topics, Elearning Portals, and Resources

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