Free Business Resources

If you are new to Growing Your Biz, then you can start with the following resources that many micro business owners have found helpful:

Free Business Forms– A collection of 70+ templates, forms, invoices, and letters specifically for micro business owners. If you’re hiring, then also check out the growing collection of job description examples.

How to Successfully Hire Your First Freelancer– A complete guide to hiring your first virtual worker, including working with overseas VA’s. The guide includes over 30 of the best sites to hire a freelance worker.

Blog Promotion Guide for Busy Professionals– A 12-step plan and accompanying worksheet to develop a personalized content marketing plan

Free and Low-Cost Online Business Courses– A collection of over 50 resources for free business training, elearning portals, and online classes.

63 Sites that Pay You to Write– Download a free Excel spreadsheet of sites that pay writers for content and tutorials

A Guide to Hiring Your First Employee– A step-by-step guide and collection of currated resources to help you hire the right people in your business

Business Financing Resources– A breakdown of the most popular financing options


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