10 Fiverr Alternatives in 2022 (That Aren’t a Waste of Time)

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Looking for some good Fiverr alternatives? Whether you are interested in selling your services or you are looking to buy services for your small business, Fiverr is still the King of Freelance Job Sites. The platform has the best reach and the most robust platform out there. It’s interface is simple to navigate and easy on the eyes. But most importantly, the platform is continually managed, updated, and improved based on both user feedback their internal revenue goals. And, I’m saying all of this from experience. I’ve been an active buyer and seller on the site for many years.

But, you didn’t come here to read why Fiverr is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Note: This post was first published in 2015, but every few months I update it to ensure that any of the Fiverr alternatives mentioned here are actually worth looking into. The last update was in May 2022.

Though, I’m an active buyer and seller on Fiverr myself, and though I’m personally happy overall with the platform, I can understand why some sellers and buyers may be looking for other options. For one, many freelancers and small business owners are interested in cheaper alternatives to Fiverr; they also want to increase their exposure by listing their services on more than one platform. Others may be looking for a more niche site to advertise their gig.

The bad news for sellers is that only a few gig job sites out there are actually cheaper than Fiverr, and while some offer more flexibility and exposure, it is often far outweighed by the lack of traffic.

Most Fiverr Alternatives and Fiverr Clones Are Worthless!

If you do a search for “like fiverr sites” or “fiverr alternatives,” you’ll get many results. But, most of these options are a total waste of time. The majority of these Fiverr alternatives are really Fiverr knock-offs, and they aren’t worth their web hosting. If the site owners didn’t make even a small effort to hide the fact that they are copying Fiverr, then that should tell you something right there. Plus, many of these platforms have since been abandoned by their owners.


But, if you still want to know about some good alternatives to Fiverr in order to expand your reach there are a few options. The Fiverr alternatives on this list have to fit few criteria simultaneously:

  • They need to be getting enough traffic. If there aren’t enough buyers and sellers then why bother? I’m basing traffic on Alexa scores. All the platforms on this list are in the Alexa top 500,000.


  • They need to have a pretty good system in place. This includes payment processing, support systems for buyers and sellers, and seller promotions. There also has to be some indication that the site is being actively managed and updated. Some sites may have low Alexa scores and seemingly high traffic, but it’s mostly from people just checking it out to see if it is a good alternative to Fiverr.


  • It has the potential to generate real money. Can a reasonably talented freelancer make more than a few dollars on the site?


My list of the 10 Best Alternatives to Fiverr in 2022


Seoclerks is a large and busy platform for all things related to SEO and Internet Marketing. If you are looking to buy or sell in this niche, it may be a better option for you than Fiverr. Not only does the site get a ton of traffic, it offers the widest range of money you can ask for your gigs, from $1 to $999. Payments are made via PayPal, Payee, and Alertpay/Payza..


The biggest selling point GigBucks has over Fiverr is that gigs can be priced between the range of $5 to $50. Sellers also have the option of getting paid via Payza and credit cards. Like Fiverr, joining is absolutely free, and you can post as many gigs as you want..


Fivesquid is a UK based alternative to Fiverr that attracts an international crowd. The only main difference between it and Fiverr is that you pay and get paid in British pounds. Like SEOclerks and Envato above, this platform is pretty popular and active. They also offer customer support via email, which is another big plus..


Guru is another online marketplace that allows you to browse through services by category. The platform boasts over 1.5 million freelancers, so you can find the seller who best fits your needs. What sets Guru apart from the other platforms, however, is the features geared towards companies that work with many freelances. The platform’s “Work Room” feature, for example, allows you to keep track of and manage simultaneous jobs. Your team can also “generate agreements, set milestones, delegate tasks, communicate with everyone, and share documents through the platform.”.


PeoplePerHour helps you team up with talented and experienced freelancers in the areas of design, development, content creation and promotion. It’s quickly become one of the most popular top choices in online marketplaces currently out there- especially for businesses that use a lot of freelancers. Like Envato, all of the freelancers on PeoplePerHour go through a quality check..


Konker is a free online marketplace primarily focused on SEO and Internet marketing gigs. According to the site it has over 20,000 members.The biggest downside, however, is that they don’t offer any direct customer support. Disputes between buyers and sellers must be worked out on their own. But, for sellers, you get immediate payment once a gig has been completed.

Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk from Amazon.com is a crowdsourcing marketplace that connects freelancers with businesses who need small jobs—called human intelligence tasks (HITs). Most of these tasks take only a few seconds to complete and pay out only a few cents, like taking a short survey or labeling images. With experience, someone can receive such small jobs for a few dollars a piece.


The Toptal marketplace is focused on experienced professional freelancers. The freelancers on the site must go through a vetting process that includes an interview and proof of experience. Most freelancers paid between $50 and $250 per hour, and the majority of jobs posted on Toptal involve finance and software development.


Designed to save professional job seekers time and energy, FlexJobs is a platform to consider for professional freelancers. FlexJobs carefully screens job postings before publishing them to ensure legitimacy, and the platform boasts reputable big name employers, such as Apple, Dell, Salesforce, and Xerox.


Freelancermap is dedicated  to a range of IT projects, including web development, game development, and social media management.


6 Additional Sites for Professional Freelancers

I’m making a distinction between the six freelancer sites below and the Fiverr alternatives above, because these freelancer sites operate a bit differently to Fiverr. If you are a seller, you may be making bids for open jobs and directly competing with other sellers for work, instead of how it is on Fiverr, where you post your gig and the buyers basically come to you. You may earn a bit more, however. If you are a buyer, you will be sifting through bids. But, depending on what you need done, the quality of the work may be better than that found on Fiverr.

Many categories of freelance work:




Specifically for designers:



Are there any up and coming Fiverr alternatives out there in 2021 that I left out? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • http://galilea3.com is a multilingual platform where services can be sold or bought in 7 different languages. We currently have registrations from 64 countries and believe that eliminating language barriers is one of the best ways to extend a freelancer’s reach.

    • Dear Churchill,

      I am from Pakistan, this sites offer only payment through paypal and paypal is not in Pakistan can you please tell me about this. Thanks

      • If you want fiverr alternative that supports payment through Payza and Payoneer, I would suggest you to try Seoclerks. It is quite popular small task marketplace from where you can sell your service. I have already made $10K+ from Seoclerks. Although one major restriction of Seoclerks is that it is mainly marketplace for SEO and internet marketing related services. You can read about Seoclerks review to know about all the payment processor that Seoclerk supports.

  • Hey Susan,

    I get the frustration. What I’ve learned is to stop positioning myself as the “cheap” seller on Fiverr where I will do everything for a measly $4, to positioning myself as the quality seller. If you want quality service, you have to buy my gig extras to get the full service. I strip down my gig into the gig extras. This helps with my hourly rate on Fiverr. It also weeds out bad buyers.

    – Corey

    • Hi Corey,

      Thanks for the tips, and I totally agree. To survive on Fiverr you have to be strategic with the way you set up and describe your gigs. A lot of it has to do with the *seller’s* attitude. Some, but not all, buyers are looking for the cheapest job. If you believe in your own abilities and know how to express it, you’ll eventually attract the right people. You also have the option of partnering up with other sellers. If you offer quality work, they’ll tap into your services in order to expand their own gig offerings…

      • Hi susan,

        Your article is really helpful but can you please guide me. I am working as writer with an American company from last 3 years. Please tell me about such type of writing platforms which provides client and expert interaction , don’t offer any test, only client and expert can communicate and platform take commissions. waiting for your reply Thanks

        • Hi Zain,
          It depends on what kind of writing you are doing and how much money you are looking to earn per article. With the exception of Task Army, all of the platforms mentioned above will connect writers directly with buyers.

          • Ok ,

            Most of platform offers paypal method for payment , but in Pakistan there is no paypal. can you please tell me which platforms offer other payment methods?


          • In that case, I only know of SeoClerks and GigBucks. They both accept Payza. There may be other sites out there with more payment options than Paypal, but these sites probably don’t have enough traffic yet.

      • Hi Susan,

        Are you still on Fiverr. I’m a looking a high-level, high-quality freelancer. If you write, I might be interested in your service and willing to pay. What is you name of Fiverr? I am Ennedee.

    • I agree with you! If someone wants me to write a book for them they better pay up a few hundred if they want high quality.
      4 dollars should only be for small task not for creating e-books, writing articles or creating logo’s. Those are worth way more and I will not be paid any less.

  • Nice list! I’ve been with SEOClerks for a while and I love it. It’s way better then Fiverr. Many of the sellers there are serious players in the SEO. Pay close attention to the seller reviews, their activity, and their gig page, and you’ll find some good people.

  • One alternative I recommend is http://jifv.com. Their site has lower job fees to many alternatives and you can post jobs up to 75 dollars. It is one alternative I did not see on the list above that I wanted to suggest.


  • what really pi**es me off about fiverr is their 20% commission they take form each of my sales, it would have been nice if you mentioned the commissions these other alternatives take as they is a big grievance i have with fiverr.

    Lol @ fourerr name, made me chuckle

    • Hi Paul,

      Yes, the 20% commission seems high, but almost all the Fiverr alternatives except for the one I mentioned above charge the same amount. It’s worth it, though when you realize that you are getting a pre-made platform to offer your services, exposure, payment processing, a little buyer fraud protection, and a community for that 20%.

      • Yes, I guess we don’t have much choice in that case. I love fiverr except for that one thing. As you say it’s a great platform and I’ve earned thousands from it, so I can’t complain.

        I’m excited to see what they have in store next.

      • Hi Paul and Susan,

        I have to agree the 20% commission is very high for facilitation services and marketing.

        Have you heard of a new up and coming site called Cr8 & Design? You can follow them on instagram @cr8anddesign or on the Facebook page, and you can sign-up for updates on the website at http://www.cr8anddesign.com.

  • I also want to suggest an alternative to all mentioned above. It’s TaskGigs – a place for low cost and high quality tasks. I am using it recently and yeah, I get sales almost every day! http://www.taskgigs.com/

    • I was just at taskgigs and I have to say as a potential seller I was turned off by the complete lack of information. I couldn’t find a facts page or information page anywhere to tell me the rules, the cost, the fees…it looked like an interesting platform, but seriously missing some important information.

  • I’ve come across http://www.damongo.com as an alternative to fiverr

    Traffic rank (Alexa): 207,611
    Service prices: $5, $10, $20, $50
    Earnings withdrawal: After 5 day
    Payments: PayPal
    Commission: 15%
    Withdrawal fee: $0
    Minimum withdrawal: $0
    Featured services: Yes

  • This may sound like I’m being a dreamer…but how about building your OWN site, working your OWN SEO and stop working for pennies while giving away 20% of almost nothing to a bunch of heap pricks who think they deserve something like a business logo for $5.00?

    This is why America is headed downhill. Everyone wants something for FREE but somehow they expect to be paid well for what THEY do. Its ridiculous.

    • Hi Ruth,

      Very valid points 🙂

      It’s part of the reason why sellers need to be very careful about what kinds of services they offer and at what ultimate price. And, I agree that 20% seems to be a pretty steep fee considering how little money a basic gig will earn. But on the other hand, by using Fiverr creative sellers can get instant exposure, payment processing and invoicing, and a platform to showcase their work. Trying to build up your own site with your own SEO is a great idea, but it takes time, work, and persistence.

      If sellers approach Fiverr with the right attitude and are willing to both be a little patient at the beginning and experiment along the way, then there is the potential to earn some decent money without having to work as hard or wait as long to get there.

    • Wow – such venom.

  • Also try http://www.deskgigs.com for a good Fiverr Alternative we have gigs from $1-$1000.

  • Thanks for the list. Will try socialclerks for now!

  • A good alternative to fiverr that recently have been started is taskteria.com. There you can post tasks up to 25 dollars. It is a new alternative I didn’t see above…. Just wanted to let you know 🙂

    • That’s probably not listed due to being new and unproven. He was only recommending sites that are established well enough.

      The site you mentioned is new. It could easily fail. Best to wait till it’s established and has a lot of repeat traffic.

  • I’d like to recommend you add https://www.seolisterr.com to this list.

  • Hi, My name is ossama. I started a new Gig Website that you all may want to check out called: gigsfusion.com. Here is a list of the features:

    1-Sell Gigs From $1 to $1500
    2-Instant Payouts within Micro Seconds
    3-4 Payment gateways (PayPal, Payza, Skrill and Payoneer).
    4-Want to buy section for Custom orders.
    5-No clearance Period for Funds.
    6-Data Encrypted with SSL
    7-Fast Servers
    8-100% trusted.

    • “Instant Payment”? Are you serious? What if the seller is fraudulent and the buyer wants a refund?

    • Your site seems dead.

      • You kidding right? I’ve never had problems with getting refunds with paypal or giving refunds. In addition most of these gateways will side with the buyer so I don’t see the problem.

        As with any other new site, it takes people to go there and start their account and be a little active in order to get these websites to place better and get traffic. It’s all about putting your eggs in multiple baskets and watch your future benefits..

  • make money from here,post your gigs here http://digital-affiliate.com/

  • …maybe Best Fiverr alternative…www.gigstown.com …have advanced features: cost for gigs from 1$ by sellers,..more categories,gig extras,instant delivery,YouTube video,shipping,…

  • Hi dear,

    Out of this list gigbucks looks professional and trust worthy. I will give it a try.

    Thank you for sharing

  • Really good and absolute truth about Fiverr alternatives, I also agree with you that still there is no strong alternatives of fiverr but providerr http://www.providerr.com seems to be promising and growing market place for service provider and business owner for their online business, online marketing and daily business needs.

  • Thanks for this great article. There are definitely some great websites in this list. Personally I prefer seo clerks or envato studio. Cheers

  • what is payment withdrawal method for these?

  • A new site like fiverr is digesale.com.

    Great services, great communication, fluent English speaking sellers and awesome prices. Plus the site’s support is very active and helpful.

    Check it out: http://digesale.com/

  • Please consider our site 5vers.com to your list it’s truly the best fiverr alternative out there !

    • Fiverr is great but I use SEOClerks for all my SEO link campaign. Peopleperhour is also good to find some quality workers for less cost. Thanks for sharing your list of alternatives. I request you to check out our list as well. Thanks!

  • Can’t say that I’m a big fan of Fiverr, but most other websites looks poor after Fiverr experience. For user need nicer design with more cool stuff, means handmade validation and avoiding “same-same” stuff on 1-st page

  • I am creating a fiverr-like website for video stock footage if anyone is into budget filmmaking!


  • Fiverr is Great and is Number 1. Just That The 20% is too much….

    SEO Clerk is also cool.

    Check Me Out @ http://fiverr.com/blogspot1991

  • http://www.providerr.com ; $3 marketplace , a good alternatives of fiverr.com , specialized for online business, business promotion, SEO and Internet marketing. Great place for better service for small and medium business.

  • I wouldn’t recommend Envato for sellers. Their market is highly saturated and they are very strict about accepting submissions. There’s nothing wrong with having standards, but they do not provide feedback on rejected items. You can expect less than 10% of your work to be accepted there. Also, their commissions are extremely high: between 40% and 60% depending upon whether or not you are an exclusive author.

  • Gigbucks is an ultimate income booster which gives you a Fiverr-like feeling, but still amazing platform for money making. Most of the other sites seem to be facing the decline.

  • Hi Susan,
    Very helpful article for people looking for alternatives to Fiverr.

    I am the CEO of the newly started marketplace http://www.Talentpackages.com and would love if you could take a look at the site and consider including it in the list. The concept for Talentpackages is very straight forward. It is taking the business model of packaging services as products, and applying it to the higher paying segment of the market (minimum price of a posted service is 50$). By having this focus we can attract more talented freelancers who are serious about making a living of what they do. Further, to keep the level of quality high, we manually validate all claims about work experience and education before publishing.

    I am a strong believer in the “services as products” model and think it brings huge gains for both sellers and buyers, especially when the services offered are not limited to being small in scope as they are on Fiverr.

    Please take a look at http://www.talentpackages.com to find more information about how we operate, and what makes us unique. If you have any questions or feedback I would also love to hear from you.

    Best regards,
    Tony Larsson

  • fivedollarr.com is a new fiverr like website currently seeking sellers. Sellers get to set their own starting prices. Check it out!

  • Many people try to make money from their skills on Fiverr but they don’t get any response from buyers, for that reason they think that it is not a good platform or spam etc. But the reality is entirely different. They don’t promote their gigs properly and create fake looking profiles. On Fiverr and all other platforms, that can get them rejected by buyers.

    Thanks for Sharing your Work 🙂

  • Hey Susan, have you checked out Source Market? It’s mainly for SEO gigs as it’s run by Alex Becker (SEO and IM genius). I wrote a post about it here: gigsthatwork.com/fiverr/alternative-similar-websites A lot of sellers are going there from Fiverr and doing REALLY well. You can charge a lot more than $5 but there are really good quality gigs there.

  • Hi Susan,
    Very helpful article for people who need alternatives to Fiverr.

    You are missing this marketplace http://www.WebDesignTower.com and would love if you could take a look at the site and consider including it in the list. Serious skilled freelancers can work here and earn better.

  • There is a new and promising website called inbudgets.com

  • Thank you, very useful. You can try Seoclerk, its good also Peopleperhour its interesting.

  • I downloaded Fiverr app. but was unsatisfied. Firstly the app that’s so eau Rio get on my phone offers NO way of setting up a gig meaning selling my services, it only has options to buy! I tried to get some help, but the firm and contact selection is CRAP! No one responded with an answer & there is no number to speak to a human being. SUCKS!

  • Where is GigBuys http://GigBuys.com on this list? Shouldn’t it be added as a favorite?

  • Many people try to make money from their skills on Fiverr but they don’t get any response from buyers, for that reason they think that it is not a good platform or spam etc. But the reality is entirely different. They don’t promote their gigs properly and create fake looking profiles. On Fiverr and all other platforms, that can get them rejected by buyers.

    for that this is my project http://moussiac.com

  • I think all these micro jobs websites still don’t have enough buyers. So only fiverr is still on top and like google search engine, there don’t have alternative. All above websites are not updated well and only have sellers with zero buyers. So don’t waste time on them and try to make killer gig in fiverr.

  • Another alternative is Salluma

    No withdrawal fees
    Sellers receive 90% of the revenue
    Create as many services/jobs as you like
    New jobs added daily
    Live Chat
    24/7 Support

    Try it..

  • I also know a good fiverr alternative. That is Nanotaskers. Here is the link: https://www.nanotaskers.com/
    The market Place is new, but good for start up

  • I think SEO Clerks and Gigbucks are best alternative of fiverr. They are almost same as fiverr. In SEO clerks you can start your Gig in $1. I lobe this two platform.

  • Feehour – Hire Best Freelancers and Get Freelance Jobs Online https://feehour.com/

  • Great list! I would also recommend you to check out YouTeam https://youteam.co.uk. Think it can be quite useful if you want to hire a qualified software engineer for your project within a short period of time. All information about developers is available here and you can even interview them yourself or get assistance from their Team Advisor. Great alternative indeed!

  • Good thoughts. I’ve worked as a freelance programmer for quite some time, back when Odesk was the thing and even before that, but started to realise that new kids offer something that old platforms don’t seem to care about cause they’re so big and famous. Insolvo for one claims that they use AI that helps to get a better client-pro match. Donno if it’s a gimmick but so far seems to work just fine!

  • Hey Susan, thanks for creating this list! Another platform I’d like to recommend checking out is https://freeeup.com. Founded in 2015, they specialize in eCommerce and digital marketing virtual assistants and freelancers. They interview and vet thousands of freelancers each week then only allow the top 1% into the network. Could be a great alternative for both freelancers and businesses looking to hire high quality talent online.

  • At the moment i am trying https://fivetask.com
    Seems legit and safe for freelancers.

  • thanks for sharing this


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