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10 Quality Business Blogs that Accept Guest Posts in 2018

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If you have been searching for reputable business blogs that accept guest posts lately, I’m guessing that you haven’t gotten so far. There are many sites out there promoting currated lists of dozens or even hundreds of blogs and online magazines that accept content from guest authors. But, many of them are way outdated.

If you’ve also tried doing qualified searches in Google, a number of the sites that come up look abandoned.

The sites on my humble little list are actually worth considering…


Why Guest Posting Still Matters

Aside from all the pronouncements that guest posting as we know it is dead (Remember this Matt Cutts oldie, but goodie), guest posting is alive and well.

It’s just that the goals have changed somewhat.

A few years ago when Page Rank was all the rage, guest posting was considered a good way to build links back to your website. If you also got exposure and traffic from the deal then that was an added bonus.

These days, your site’s link profile is still an important search ranking factor, and guest posting done responsibly will probably help you with that, even if indirectly. But, the (positive IMHO) fallout is that there’s much more emphasis being placed now on the exposure, quality traffic, and relationships that can come from it.

That said, as a blogger, guest posting has always been an important part of my work- whether I’m writing for another site, or receiving content from guest authors. I wanted to share with you my short list of quality business blogs that accept guest posts. These aren’t the top business magazines, like Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, or Inc. Let’s face it, these sites are usually out of the reach of most bloggers. But, this list isn’t of low quality, low traffic sites, either. These are authority sites, with good traffic that fall somewhere in between.


10 Business Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Here they are in no particular order:

1. Noobprenuer

Small business news, tips, and resources.



2. Small Biz Daily

An online magazine for all things small business.



3. Succeed As Your Own Boss

The personal blog of Melinda Emerson the “SmallBizLady”



4. Small Business Bonfire

A social, educational and collaborative community for entrepreneursBusiness Blogs that Accept Guest Posts



5. Small Biz Club

A magazine for entrepreneurs and small business owners



6. Tweak Your Biz

A business community and blog. Get’s bonus points because it is owned by the same people who own Small Business Trends and BizSugar. Your content may be featured on these sites.



7. All Business

An authoritative online magazine for entrepreneurs and small business owners



8. Business 2 Community

A business community and online magazine. Bonus points for syndicating published content onto other sites and networks



9. Women on Business

An online magazine and community exclusively for women entrepreneurs and business owners



And.. of course you can always guest post here at

10. Growing Your Biz

A blog dedicated to small business owners and the self-employed



Added bonus:

Aside from the sites mentioned above, there are several other platforms that allow you to submit articles which can help you build an audience, increase quality traffic and leads to your site, and get a little link juice as well:

That’s my list…

Know of any other business blogs that accept guest posts? Have one of your own? Let us know in the comments so I can add it!

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