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Alternatives to ebay ubid.com

20 Serious Alternatives to eBay for Online Sellers and Buyers

Looking for some serious alternatives to eBay in order to buy or sell your goods? Below are 20 of the best and most popular eBay alternatives for those who are… Read more »

How to Follow Up With Busy People

When it comes to building up your network of professional leads and connections, the follow up is where the magic happens. But what if your new connections, like most of… Read more »

How to increase online engagement

12 Tips to Instantly Increase Online Engagement with Your Audience

A few weeks ago, I saw post over at the Firefly Coaching blog about getting found and connected online, that got me thinking… Online engagement has now become a well-worn… Read more »

The Skinny on Alternative Lenders: Where to Go & Who to Trust

If you’ve been doing any research on non-bank financing for your micro business, chances are you are holding two pretty contradictory feelings regarding alternative lenders. On one hand, they are… Read more »

The Missing Link in Small Business Content Management

The Missing Link in the Content Marketing Debate

Content marketing is far from dead. But over the past three years the strategies for success have certainly changed. As the dust begins to settle, what will clearly emerge are… Read more »

Time management tips

Time Management is a Trap! Focus on Creating Value Instead

There is a fundamental flaw in the way most people approach time management. It’s a mistake to try to get the most amount of work done in the shortest time… Read more »

Direct mail marketing for micro businesses

Creative Direct Mail Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Micro Business

In our digital world, talking about direct mail marketing may seem pretty odd and well, old-fashioned. But, it’s precisely because of this that a potentially lucrative door is being left… Read more »

Should you list your prices on your site

Should You List Your Prices on Your Website?

Should you be listing your prices for services and digital products on your website? It’s a question that all consultants and professional freelancers have to answer at some point. But,… Read more »

New Year's Business Resolutions

5 Steps to Make New Year’s Business Resolutions that Stick

T’is the season for a hearty helping of reflection and resolutions for the coming year, and plenty of individuals and business owners ride the wave. It’s hard not to; it’s… Read more »

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